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"Hey everyone so just wanted to let you guys know that I moved to a different tumblr. So if you guys want to follow that, that would be awesome.
Thanks to everyone who has been following me for almost the past 3 years (:" - Lauren Christine

So I don’t know how many people actually follow this account, but I have a tumblr already with KPOP and I use that more. So I decided to close this account and going to move all of my stuff really with that blog. Going to keep this up for memory sake but yeah.

I’ll tell everyone that I moved to my new one. So if you guys want to start following me there (kkamjong-condition), that would be awesome. I know some of my followers don’t like KPOP but I’ll have more personal, wrestling, other stuff up there too since it’ll now be my personal blog.

Thanks for being awesome~

❝ But first, let me take a selfie ❞

- old English proverb (via starbucksvevo)

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